Tuesday, March 23, 2010

PsorCare Cream Types

There are three types of Psorcare Cream: yellow, brown and black. You may specify the color when ordering.

Black (extra strength): 
Has a strong, slightly unpleasant smell. Therefor may not be suitable for use in the workplace. However, it lasts longer and is most effective. Needs to be applied 3x daily.
Brown (medium strength):  
Has a relatively pleasant smell. Needs to be applied every 3-4 hours.

Yellow (regular strength):  
Has a pleasant smell. Suitable for use in the workplace and suitable for people with thin skin (i.e., elderly people, babies and toddlers, and people with very fair skin) Needs to be applied more frequently (approximately every 2-3 hours).
Note: Most of our patients prefer yellow.

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