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NISACARE - For Women's Health (Anti-Cancer & Energy Supplement)

For Women's Health (Anti-Cancer & Energy Supplement)

NisaCare  For Women's Health (Anti-Cancer & Energy Supplement)(MAL08021495TC)

Gold Medal Award Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition 2006 (19th to 21st May 2006), 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
"A phyto-therapeutic product for female reproductive health"

Silver Medal Award 32nd International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products (30th March to
 5th April 2004) Geneva, Switzerland "A hormonal therapy for low libido for women"

Gold Medal Award Biotechnology Asia 2006 (9th to 11th August 2006), PWTC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia "A phyto-therapeutic product for pre and postmenopausal women"
 NisaCare: For the Health-Concious Modern 
  • A herbal product prepared and formulated through research and 
innovative technology with health enhancing properties
  • A 100% PLANT based product with scientific evidence
  • Traditionally used for relieving menstrual pain to regulate 
  • menstruation and other reproductive problems (e.g., infertility) by 
 regulating reproductive hormone synthesis
  • Helps to prevent abnormal cell proliferation by inducing apoptosis which is triggered via the caspase cascade
  • Improves the immune system, physical & mental  health and sexual performance
  • Relieves inflammation of the breast, uterus and ovary
  • For general health of the womb after childbirth

  • Take 3 capsules x 3 times daily until desired results are achieved.
  • As a nutritional supplement and for fertility treatment, take
1 capsule x 3 times daily.
  • For supplement after childbirth, take 3 capsules x 3 times daily for 40 days. (Safe for nursing mothers).
  • Discontinue use once pregnant.

  • NisaCare & MenCare is Phyto-MediCare's leading herbal product and contributes to 70% of sales, higher than PsorCare cream.
  • Most of our customers take NisaCare for health maintenance and well-being as well as treatment and prevention of fibroids and cancer.
  • Most customers report higher energy levels after consumption of 2-3 days.
  • Older customers report less pain in joints after consumption.
  • Suitable for women before and after meno-pause.

Each bottle contains 45 or 90 vegetable capsules. 

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Prof. Azimahtol Hawariah Lope Pihie

Mengenali Profesor yang berkeperibadian tinggi.
  • Qualifications :
    Ijazah Bidang Tahun Instituisi

    BSc. (Honours)
    2nd Upper



    Universiti Kebangsaan
    Malaysia, MALAYSIA


    Biokimia Pembiakan

    University of Strathclyde,
    Glasgow, UK


    Biokimia Klinik


    University of Glasgow,
    Scotland, UK
  • Specialisation :
    Clinical Biochemistry
    Clinical Endocrinology
    Cancer Cell Biology
    Medicinal Plants

  • Areas of Research :
    1.      Development of SPD as anticancer drug
    2.      Evaluation of therapeutic and Toxic potential of natural product
    3.      Semiscale production of SPD through bioreactor propagation for Clinical trial
    4.      Pharmacological and Toxicological Evaluation of Extracts from Centella asiatica and Eurycoma longifolia Jack.
    5.      Identification of goniothalamin-targeted proteins and goniothalamin-induced proteins
    6.      Antiviral activity of selected Malaysia medicinal plants
    7.      Development of immunological-based thymidine kinase (TK) assay system as a tumor marker
    8.      Further studies of styrylpyrone derivative (SPD)
    9.      Development of cosmeceutical and phytopharmaceutical products from Curcuma xanthorriza (Temu Lawak) and Zingiber Zerumbet (Lempoyang).
    10.  Pharmacological and toxicological evaluation of new isolated bioactive compounds from Hydnophytum formicarium Jack (Rubiaceae) 

  • Current Projects and Grants :
    1. Development of Cosmeceuticals and Pharmaceuticals from Zingiber zerumbet Smith and Curcuma xanthorrhiza. [06-02-02-001 BTK/ER/015(3a)]
    2.  Further studies of styrylpyrone derivative (SPD). [06-02-02-0013/PR000207-04]
    3.  Development of an immunological based assay system for tyhmidine kinase as a tumor marker. [06-02-02-0012/PR0002-07-03]
    4. Anticancer  and aphrodisiac properties of Eurycoma longifolia Jack [33-00-90-173]

  • Selected Publications :
    • Rafidah Husen, Azimahtol Hawariah L.P. & Meenakshii Nallappan. 2004. Screening for antihyperglycaemic activity in several local herbs of Malaysia. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 95: 205–208
    • Lee, T.C.A., Azimahtol, H.L.P. & Tan, A.N. 2003. Styrylpyrone Derivative (SPD) Induces Apoptosis in a Caspase-7-dependent Manner in the Human Breast Cancer Cell Line MCF-7. Cancer Cell International Vol 3: 16.
    •  Alvin Lee, T.C. & Azimahtol Hawariah, L.P. 2003. Styrylpyrone Derivative (SPD) Induces Apoptosis through the Up-regulation of Bax in the Human Breast Cancer Cell Line MCF-7. Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Vol 36(3): 269-274.
    • Meenakshii, N., Lee, A., Azimahtol Hawariah, L. P. and Hasidah, S. 2000. Increase levels of apoptosis correlate with p53 protein accumulation in response to styrylpyrone derivative (SPD) treatment of the “Huggins tumor”. Journal of Malaysian Applied Biology, Vol. 29(1&2): 121-126
    • Meenakshi, N., Teoh, P. L., Azimahtol Hawariah, L. P. and Hasidah, M. S. Styrylpyrone Derivative (SPD) induced apoptosis in ovarian cancer cells correlates with down-regulation of BCL-2 and MAPK but up-regulation of BAX without alteration of p53 and c-JUN protein level. Journal Tropical Medicinal Plant, Vol.1(Dec 2000): 1-5.
    • Seri Chempaka M. Y., Azimahtol Hawariah L. P., Halimah A. S. and Hasidah. M. S. 2000. An antitumor-Stylrylpyrone Derivative (SPD) lowers serum cholesterol levels and atherosclerotic lesions in hypercholesterolemic rats, Malaysian Applied Biology, 28(1 &2), 131-136.
    • Teoh, P. L. and Azimahtol Hawariah L. P. 2000. Effects of goniothalamin of bcl-2 and bax genes in human ovarian carcinoma cell line, CaOV-3, Malaysian Applied Biology, 28(1 &2), 113-118.
    • Azimahtol Hawariah L. P., Stanslas, J. and Laily, D. 1998. Non-steroid receptor mediated antiproliferative activity of Styrylpyrone Derivative (SPD) in human breast cancer cell lines. Anticancer Research, 18(2): 1739-1744.
    • Azimahtol Hawariah L. P. and Stanlas J. 1998. Antagonistic effects of Styrylpyrone Derivative (SPD) on 7, 12, dimethylbenzanthracene-induced rat mammary tumors. In vivo, 12(4): 403-410.
    • Azimahtol Hawariah L. P. and Stanlas J. 1998. In vitro response of human breast cancer cell lines to the growth-inhibitory effects of Styrylpyrone Derivative (SPD) and assesment of its antiestrogenicity. Anticancer research, 18(6): 4383-4386.
    ·        Azimahtol Hawariah L. P. 1999. A Gift of Biodiversity; Some Anticancer Drugs Developed From Natural Product. In. Traditional and Alternative Medicine in Contemporary Healthcare. Institute Medical Research/WHO Kuala Lumpur . 27-30.
    ·        Azimahtol Hawariah, L.P. 1998: Understanding Cancer, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Publisher, Bangi, Malaysia (ISBN 967-94240-4-9) pp 164.
    ·        Azimahtol Hawariah, L.P. 1998: Hormon and Cancer, Universiti Putra Malaysia Publisher. (ISBN 983-9319-33-7) pp 56.
    ·        Azimahtol Hawariah, L.P. 1998: Prostate Cancer, Universiti Putra Malaysia Publisher. (ISBN 983- 9319-36-1) pp 57.
    ·        Azimahtol Hawariah, L.P. 1998: Breast Cancer, Universiti Putra Malaysia Publisher. (ISBN 983- 9319-34-5) pp 76.
    ·        Azimahtol Hawariah, L.P. 1998: Ovarian Cancer, Universiti Putra Malaysia Publisher, (ISBN 983- 9319-37-X) pp 60.
    ·        Azimahtol Hawariah, L.P. 1998: Uterus Cancer, Universiti Putra Malaysia Publisher, (ISBN 983- 9319-35-3) pp 56.
    ·        Azimahtol Hawariah, L.P. 1998: Cervical Cancer, Universiti Putra Malaysia Publisher, (ISBN 983- 9319-38-8) pp 49.
    ·        Che Jah Mohammad & Azimahtol Hawariah, L.P. 1998: Basic Biology and Biochemistry 1 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Publisher. (ISBN 983-93192-8-0) pp 158.

  • Contact Information :
    - Address
      Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
      43600 UKM Bangi
    - Phone Number
    - Fax Number
    - E-mail
      Bagi urusan janji temu yang telah ditetapkan, boleh bertemu beliau :
      MON-WED : 10.00am-9.00pm
      THU        : 10.00am - 6.00pm
      FRI-SAT   : 10.00am -9.00pm
No.2 Jalan 1/9E 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi Selangor.
Contact no 03-8925 9639, Fax: 03-8926 1488

kalau tak dapat sila hubungi hp: 012- 366 9653 
atau 012- 320 5141 rakan Prof tersebut: Dr Subari Shibani.

Keratan Akhbar:

Dr. Azimahtol Pereka cipta wanita terbaik - Utusan Online this page
Oct 2, 1999 - Dr. Azimahtol Hawariah Lope Pihie - yang pernah mendapat liputan meluas media tempatan kerana penemuan kapsul penyembuh payu dara ...


For Treatment & Prevention of Cancer

Our products were developed based on more than 25 years of innovative scientific research lead by Prof Azimahtol Hawariah Lope Pihie. The recommended amount of supplement you take each day is the optimum amount your body needs to maintain/improve your health.

Our products have won numerous awards from local and international organizations and exhibitions and are distributed locally and worldwide. 

Our finished pharmaceutical healthcare and skin products are approved by the Malaysia Ministry of Health (MOH). The registration numbers assigned by MOH are stated by the name of each product for your assurance.  

All our gel capsules are made from vegetarian sources and therefore halal. All our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

CanCare For Treatment & Prevention of Cancer(MAL0802149TC)
CanCare (45) - RM55.00

Bronze Medal Award: Ekspo Penyelidikan dan Inovasi UKM 2003 (3rd-5th July 2003), Selangor, Malaysia

Bronze Medal Award: 28th International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products (12th-16th April 2000) Geneva, Switzerland
Bronze Medal Award: I'TEX 1999 (23rd-25th September 1999), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Best National Woman Inventor Cup, International Federation of Inventors' Association (IFIA) 2004 
Research Award in the Medical Sector, UKM (30th May 1997), Selangor, Malaysia 
MERIT Award in INOTEX/MINDEX 1994 Science Competition, Ministry of Environment, (8th-11th August 1994), Malaysia

Fig. 1: Breast cancer cells before treatment with CanCare

Fig. 2: Breast cancer cells undergoing apoptosis (programme-cell death) after treatment with CanCare

  • 45-capsule bottle: MYR55
  • 90-capsule bottle: MYR100
CanCare: As a Treatment for Cancer and Their Prevention
  • A herbal product prepared and formulated through research and innovative technology with health enhancing properties.
  • A 100% PLANT based product with scientific evidence.
  • Traditionally used for relieving symptons of swollen breasts.
  • Helps to prevent abnormal cell proliferation by inducing apoptosis which is triggered via the caspase cascade.
  • For cancer prevention take 3 capsules x 2 times daily.
  • For patients with cancer take 3 capsules x 3 times daily.
  • Can be taken in conjunction with hospital medicine and chemotherapy. It is recommended that the supplement be taken continously for at least 5 years to prevent recurrence.

  • Sejenis produk herbal yang diformulasi dan disediakan melalui penyelidikan dan teknologi inovatif.
  • Terdiri daripada100% ekstrak tumbuhan herba
  • Untuk merawat dan mencegah ketumbuhan barah dan fibroid.
  • 45 kapsul halal.
  • Untuk pencegahan ambil 3 biji x 2 kali sehari.
  • Untuk pesakit barah 3 biji x 3 kali sehari.
  • Boleh diambil bersama ubat hospital dan rawatan kemoterapi. Disyorkan agar pengambilan diteruskan sekurang-kurangnya 5 tahun untuk pencegahan sepenuhnya.

  • This product is approved by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia
  • For a free consultation with Prof Azimahtol on your health, please call or sms +6012-701 5144 during business hours (GMT+8).
  • See also NisaCare: most popular supplement for women's health (including cancer).


Salam para pengunjung budiman,

Asas segala kejayaan perkara ialah ilmu. Orang yang meniru siapa berjaya, biasanya akan beroleh kejayan mirip sebab rujukannya mempunyai ilmu yang berkaitan.

Contoh yang paling tepat ialah ;
Kejayaan dalam Islam di dunia dan akhirat adalah apabila kita meniru para sahabat Rasulullah saw. Kerana para sahabat nabi mewarisi ilmu dan akhlak  mulia Rasulullah saw. Malah diiktiraf lagi dengan certification daripada Allah swt dan Rasulullah saw;

Firman Allah swt:
"..dan orang-orang yang terdahulu - yang mula-mula (berhijrah dan memberi bantuan) dari orang-orang "Muhajirin" dan "Ansar", dan orang-orang yang menurut (jejak langkah) mereka dengan kebaikan (iman dan taat), Allah reda akan mereka dan mereka pula reda akan Dia, serta ia menyediakan untuk mereka syurga-syurga yang mengalir di bawahnya beberapa sungai, mereka kekal di dalamnya selama-lamanya; itulah kemenangan yang besar. 
[ at-Taubah : 100 ]

Sabda Nabi:
"SahabatKu umpama bintang di langit. Ikutilah ia nescaya kamu tidak akan sesat" 
(Hadis Rasulullah)

Alhamdulillah.... maka apa yang saya nak kongsikan ialah sifat manusia apabila dalam kesesakan atau terantuk baru nak terngadah, maka tanpa ilmu banyak tindakan tidak tepat malh sia-sia akan dilakukan.

Saya tumpukan point saya di sini kepada perubatan atau pemakanan kesihatan. Telah diajar dan telah ditunjuk dan telah diamalkan dan telah dibuktikan dan telah dicertifiedkan sejak berzaman dan dahulu kala lagi....oleh ajaran agama Islam iaitu;

- Air zam-zam
- Kurma
- Madu
- Anggur
- Kismis
- Cuka buah
- Zaitun
- Buah Tin
- Sugi/Miswak
- Tembikai
- Kambing / kibas 
- dll
dan jika dilihat daripada sudut amalan/senaman harian;

- Sholat (gerakan dlm sembahyang)
- Adab makan
- Adab tidur
- Puasa
- Taharah / pembersihan diri
- dll

Melihat kepada ajaran dan amalan yan telah jelas dan  nyata itu, maka bolehlah dirumuskan bahawa kewujudan segala bagai formula pemkanan atau perubatan ialah kerana tidak tahu atau sengaja mengabaikan ilmu yg ada atau pun menghasilkan suatu yg tidak diketahui umum , bg menarik dan dikormesialkan..... wallahualam

Maka, jika tuan puan mendapat ilham atau dah sakit pada masa ini bagi mendapatkan ikhtiar perubatan atau pemakan sihat maka utamakanlah yang asal itu.. ilmu yang diajar oleh ISLAM..

dan surprise! sekali ialah bacaan Al Fatihah di tiup ke dalam segelas air sejuk (bukan /jangan RO) dan diniatkan untuk apa, air itu minum dan sapu jika ada kaitan diluar badan.. subhanallah..insya-Allah!

ehem..ehem sapa nak madu.... SMS 019-9803083.... sampai ka pintu la....tapi bayaq la dulu no...

Semoga tuan puan beroleh kesihtan yg baik... jumpa lagi....